Fully dedicated to language and related works, LangLex is a startup venture putting efforts towards enriching linguistic resources in Indian Languages through community efforts. As many of Indian languages remain undocumented and under-represented on the web, this is an effort towards filling this gap.

LangLex intends to be a medium for developing language resources for people studying Indian languages and linguistics.

As a start run, we have uploaded some language resources on this site that we think is useful for the people studying languages. A major goal of this site is to run an online tool where we can collect linguistic resources in different languages. These resources can be in any form, starting from just a few words to collecting sentences of languages that are less studied. Any person belonging to a lesser known language group can submit words and sentences on a given format which can later be used by linguists in studying that language. Thus, we will have a community for a language being connected remotely.

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