LangLex provides linguistic services suited for various types of developments in language technology.

Currently, a product on Kids Learning is in development stage and will be released soon on both Android and iOS platforms. Stay tuned.

LangLex has a pool of linguists covering major Indian languages and several other mother tongues. We provide services in the following areas of linguistic resource development:

  • Parts of Speech Annotation
  • Local Word Grouping/Chunking
  • Named Entity Annotation
  • Syntactic/Dependency Parsing
  • Linguistic Transcription
  • Software and Website Localization
  • Multilingual Web Development
  • Lexical Resources ( Multiple languages)
  • Language Standardization (for Hinglish and other code mixed languages of India).
  • Language Data preparation for Chatbot Development in Indian Languages

Languages covered

Our focus is mainly Hindi and Hinglish. However, we do provide services in all Indian languages as well as mother tongues. We can take care of all of your linguistic needs if you want to be a big player in the Indian market. We will ensure that whatever product you have, they cover all the language locales within India.