Calling for Voice Talents in Indian Languages

We are developing an app wherein we are teaching pre-school kids some words in their native language. These words need to be recorded in a neutral but attractive voice such that it is appealing to young learners, mainly toddlers kids of age 1 to 6.

There are multiple languages required.

Volume of the audio recording

Around 4,000 words. But maybe more. This includes words in isolation such as body parts, names of vegetables, names of animals etc. and some stories recitations.

Sample Audio Submission

Please submit a sample audio in your language. The languages required are given below. Please click on the language link to get the sample text which needs to be recorded (will be updated as required).

Hindi      English      Maithili

Each language has 20 words and five sentences. Two sentences are extracted from stories and three sentences are instructions. We expect it will take 15-20 minutes at max to record these. Total audio recording may be of a maximum of 5 minutes.

How does it sound and plays out?

A sample of how the audio plays out for Hindi is given in this link.

A sample of how the audio plays out for English is given in this link

A sample of how the audio plays out for Maithili is given in this link.

How to record the audio?

The audio has to be recorded in a quiet environment such that there is no noise when the word/text is spoken.
This can be recorded on a mobile phone. The format has to be WAV or MP3.

Please give a pause after each of the words. The pause duration may be from 200 to 300 mili seconds (roughly half a second)

How to Submit the sample audio files?

Once the audio has been recorded, please share the audio file over email or Google drive with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please also attach a brief profile/CV of yours focusing on your language skills and working as a voice talent. Even house wives/school teachers can apply.


Langlex is looking for linguists in the languages noted below. The linguists are required to have a good knowledge of these language. Required skills include in-depth knowledge of the language, its literature, writing conventions and spelling standards, extensive knowledge of the varieties and mother tongues covered under the language, good understanding of spoken language and various regional/variant characteristics of the language.

We also require native speakers in these languages. Such speakers should have the knowledge of reading and writing in their languages and should be able to operate a smartphone/computer with ease.

You can send your resume along with your contact details (including phone number on which we could contact you) to us at . Please mention the name of the language/mother tongue you speak in the subject line of your email.